It Will Surely Take Place – 2 Kings 8:1-29

A Study in 2 KingsDeclaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure
Isaiah 46:10 (Nasb)

From Genesis to Revelation our Beloved LORD GOD has specifically spoken to us about events that would take place, their location, their timing and even their duration. HE also spoke with us about people who were born, who would be born, who are yet to be born, where they would live, what they would do, and how long they would be among us. Truly HE is omniscient, and we will once again state the WORDS of our GOD from Isaiah 46:10 using the Message translation:

From the very beginning
Telling you what the ending will be,
All along letting you in on what is going to happen,
Assuring you, ‘I’m in this for the long haul’
“I’ll do exactly what I set out to do”

In this BIBLE study of 2 Kings Chapter 8, we will witness the continual certainty of our Beloved LORD GOD’s WORD, with the fulfillment of HIS WORDS spoken to two of HIS prophets, Elijah and Elisha. We will do this by studying events surrounding a Shunamite woman, and four kings (two in Aram and two in Judah). In this study we will see that our GOD’s WORD:

  • will accomplish what it was sent to do (Isa 55:11, Isa 14:24, Mat 5:18)
  • is pure and blameless truth (2 Sam 22:31, Psa 12:6, Psa 119:140, Pro 30:5, Tit 1:2, Heb 6:18-19)
  • is sure— certain, trustworthy, always effective (Psa 19:7, Psa 93:5, Psa 111:7-8, 2 Cor 1:20)

Truths reflected in events around the Shunamite woman (2 Kings 8:1-6):

  • In 2 Kings 8:1-2, Elisha is speaking directly to the Shunamite woman who provided meals and accommodations to him and his servant (2 Kin 4:8-13). He tells her that our Beloved LORD GOD has called for a seven-year famine in Israel where she is living. The famine will be severe, and she with her household, should temporarily stay in another land for its duration. In these first two Scriptures of 2 Kings chapter 8, we see three truths:
    • Our GOD makes HIS plans known to HIS servants the prophets (Amo 3:7). Here in 2 Kings 8:1 we see HE made them known to Elisha, and throughout the BIBLE, HE made HIS plans known to Elijah (1 Kin 19:15-17), Noah (Gen 6:13), Abraham (Gen 18:17-21), Isaiah (Isa 9:6-7), Jeremiah (Jer 19:2-15), Daniel (Dan 9:20-27)…, including those today who obey HIS WORD (Jhn 15:14-15).
    • We are preserved and protected through obedience (Psa 37:18-19, 1 Kin 17:1-16). The Shunamite woman obeyed the instruction of Elisha, rising up and going into the land of the Philistines with her household, until the famine was over (2 Kin 8:2).
    • HE prepares a table for us, in the presence of our enemies (Psa 23:5). The Shunamite woman went into the land of Israel’s enemies, the Philistines, and yet for seven years our Blessed LORD GOD took care of her and her household there (2 Kin 8:2).
  • In 2 Kings 8:3-6, at the end of the seven years the Shunamite woman returned to Israel and went to the king to appeal to him to get her home and land back. Not only did the king appoint and officer to restore all that was hers, he also commanded that all that her land produced during her absence was restored. What powerful truths our Beloved LORD GOD reveals to us in 2 Kings 8:3-6:
    • No matter the time period, HE does not forget our service to HIS people (Mat 10:42, Heb 6:10) or our compassion for others (Pro 19:17, Deu 15:7-8, Pro 28:27, Mat 25:34-40, Heb 13:2-3). The Shunamite woman provided for GOD’s servant Elisha and his servant in their time of need, our Beloved LORD GOD provided for her and her household.
    • Our Awesome GOD goes before us, taking care of us and moving on our behalf (Deu 1:30-33). In HIS perfect timing, HE went before the Shunamite woman to the king, making her introduction to the king through the mouth of Gehazi (2 Kin 8:3-5).
    • All things work together for good, including those situations we consider so horrific that we wonder how our loving GOD could possibly be working in those situations (Rom 8:28). Our Beloved LORD GOD miraculously gave the Shunamite woman a son (2 Kin 4:14-17, Psa 127:3), and then he died (2 Kin 4:18-20). HE used her son’s death and miraculous restoration to life, as a testimony to the king, causing him to restore all that belonged to her, plus some (2 Kin 4:21-37, 2 Kin 8:6).
    • Our Beloved LORD GOD is a Restorer (Job 42:10-17, Joe 2:25-27). Our GOD restores that which is lost by giving it back, bringing it back, or putting it back to a former condition. At the advice of Elisha, the Shunammite woman temporarily moved herself, and her household to a neighboring land without famine, for the seven years. At the end of them, our Beloved LORD GOD not only restored what belonged to her, but also provided for her and her household for the next seven years (2 Kings 8:1-6).

The WORD of GOD surely took place concerning 2 kings in Aram (2 Kings 8:7-15). When Elijah was running for his life, full of fear, discouragement, and weariness, he came to the mountain of GOD, seeking the presence of GOD (1 Kin 19:1-9). After a discussion between Elijah and GOD, GOD told Elijah to return to Israel by way of the wilderness to Damascus, he would anoint Hazael king over Aram (1 Kin 19:15). In 2 Kings 8:7-15 the prophecy was fulfilled through Elijah’s servant Elisha. Ben-hadad the current king of Aram sent word by his servant Hazael to the prophet Elisha, inquiring if he would recover from his sickness. Though Ben-hadad could have recovered from his sickness, he would die at the hands of his servant Hazael (2 Kin 8:7-9). Our Beloved LORD GOD showed Elisha all the evil Hazael would do (2 Kin 8:10-15), from murdering his master, to the great evil he would do against Israel all of his days. Our GOD repays according to deeds done (Rom 12:19), and HE used Hazael to repay Israel, for all the evil they committed (1 Kin 19:10, Eze 7:9, Hos 4:9, Mat 16:27).

Before we move on to the two kings in Judah, there is a single powerful Scripture (2 Kin 8:19), tucked between the history of the two kings of Aram and the two kings of Judah. This Scripture simply states, “however, The LORD was not willing to destroy Judah, for the sake of David HIS servant, since HE had promised him to give a lamp to him through his sons always.” Our GOD promised David that one of his descendants would sit upon his throne forever (1 Chr 17:11-12). And that descendant is our Precious LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST (Luk 1:31-33). Though David had descendants who were evildoers, our GOD repaid or removed them, while retaining the throne of David in the city of Jerusalem. Our Beloved LORD GOD retains those who are HIS (Psa 4:3, Psa 145:20, Jud 1:24) and all that belongs to HIM (Zec 8:1-9).

We close this study with two descendants of David (Jehoram and his son Ahaziah), whom GOD removed, because they were wicked kings in Judah (2 Kin 8:16-29). Jehoram was the son of the righteous king Jehoshaphat (2 Chr 17:1-6), but he became wicked when he married king Ahab’s daughter and began to live like Ahab and all the evil kings in Israel (2 Kin 8:16-18). Jehoram and his wife Athaliah, raised their son Ahaziah, to also live wickedly (2 Kin 8:25-27). Through death, my Beloved LORD GOD removed Jehoram from reign after eight years (2 Kin 8:17, 2 Chr 21:5-20), and his son Ahaziah after one year (2 Kin 8:25-26). Our GOD removes evildoers (Psa 34:16, Psa 37:9-10), and throughout The BIBLE HE instructs us not to associate with evildoers (1 Kin 11:1-2, Psa 1:1, Psa 119:115, 1 Cor 15:33-34, 2 Cor 6:14-18), so that we will not be destroyed along with them (Jer 51:6, Jer 51:45, Rev 18:4).

In conclusion, though there are many mockers concerning the times we are living in (2 Pet 3:3-9, Jud 1:17-18), our GOD’s WORD will not fail, it will surely take place (Hab 2:2-3).

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