The Righteous are Bold as a Lion

Precious Morsels July 7, 2020The wicked flee when no one is pursuing,
But the righteous are bold as a lion.
Proverbs 28:1

King Ahab of Israel was a wicked king, who married an exceedingly wicked Sidonian woman (Jezebel). She brought the worship of her false god Baal into Israel and tried to destroy worship of the true and living GOD, by killing all HIS prophets (1 Kin 18:13).

Under their leadership, the people of Israel tried to combine worshiping GOD and worshipping Baal. This idolatry prevented their hearts from being united to our GOD (Psa 86:11), loving HIM only (Mrk 12:30), worshiping and serving HIM alone (Deu 6:10-13, Mat 4:10).

As a result, GOD sent HIS prophet Elijah, to the king and the nation of Israel to:
1. confront the king and the nation with their sin (1 Kin 18:21)
2. turn their hearts back to the true and living GOD (1 Kin 18:37-39)
3. demonstrate there was only one true and living GOD in Israel (1 Kin 18:22-36)
4. destroy Baal worship (1 Kin 18:40)
5. end the famine, HE called because of the idolatry (1 Kin 18:41-46)

Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and how he killed all the prophets of Baal and Asherah with a sword. Jezebel sent a message to Elijah threatening that she would end his life the next day. Elijah was afraid and ran for his life (1 Kin 19:1-3).

Elijah’s fear of Jezebel the enemy before him, caused him to forget the powerful GOD beside him. His fear brought depression and discouragement. Our loving GOD met Elijah right where he lay down in disheartenment, raised him up, and provided the sustenance he needed for the journey to meet with HIM at Horeb, the mountain of GOD (1 Kin 19:4-14).

After GOD met with Elijah, HE sent him back to Israel (1 Kin 19:15). What??? Yes, GOD sent him back to continue his ministry. Elijah would continue to stand before his enemies, delivering The WORD of our GOD (1 Kin 21:1-29, 2 Kin 1:1-18).

As my thoughts were full of amazement at what our loving GOD just pointed out to me, in this particular testimony of Elijah; HE gently said “the righteous don’t run from their enemies, they stand before them.” And then HE said “Proverbs 28:1”

The wicked flee when no one is pursuing,
But the righteous are bold as a lion.

The word “bold” in Proverbs 28:1 literally means “confident.” And why are we confident as a lion? Because GOD HIMSELF is our confidence (Pro 3:26, Psa 71:5). If HE is for us, who is against us? (Rom 8:31, Psa 116:6-8, Isa 54:17)

If you are fearful, worried, discouraged, disheartened, get up and put your trust in The LORD. HE is your help and shield (Psa 115:11). HE knows everything that is happening to you (Heb 4:13), HE knows all your needs (Mat 6:31-32). When you take your eyes off your circumstances and place them on HIM, HE will give you HIS peace that surpasses all understanding (Php 4:6-7).

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