All Things Work Together For Good!

Precious Morsels 2 June 27, 2020And we know that GOD causes all things to work together for good
To those who love GOD
To those who are called according to HIS purpose
Romans 8:28

In 2 Kings 4:8-37, our Beloved LORD GOD tells us about a gracious Shunammite woman who provided food and lodging for HIS prophet Elisha. She did not do it for profit, she did not do it to get something in return, she did it because she perceived he was a man of GOD.

Elisha wanting to repay the Shunammite woman for her kindness, called her and asked what he could do for her, she basically told him “nothing” and departed. She indeed appeared to have everything, but the prophet’s servant noticed that she had no son, and her husband was an old man. Elisha called her back and told her that at this season next year she will be holding her own son, in her arms. And indeed, my GOD blessed her with a son that very next year.

One day after her son had grown into a young boy, he went out to the fields with his father, but began to experience a severe headache. The boy’s father instructed his servants to take the boy to his mother, where after a few hours he died. The Shunammite woman carried her dead son up to the room, she and her husband had built for the Elisha and his servant to sleep in. She placed her son on Elisha’s bed and then went to find Elisha. She found him and did not leave his side until he returned to her home with her. Elisha entered his room, closed the door behind him and prayed to our Beloved LORD GOD. When the boy’s life was restored, Elisha gave him back to his mother.

Why would our loving GOD allow this child to die in the first place? The Shunammite woman had not asked for him, though she loved him, and was very blessed to have him. And even though our Beloved LORD GOD restored this boy’s life, why would this faithful woman be allowed to experience such heartbreak?

Later, in 2 Kings 8:1-6, our Beloved LORD GOD tells HIS servant Elisha, that a severe famine would come up on the land of Israel where the Shunammite woman lived. And upon the advice of Elisha, she and her household temporarily moved to a neighboring land without famine, for seven years. At the end of seven years, she and her household returned, but she needed help from the king to get her home and field back. Just before she went to the king to appeal for her home and field, he heard about the death and restoration of her son’s life. Shortly after, she came to the king, he was told, “this is the woman whose son had died, and his life restored through the prophet Elisha.” Once she confirmed the events that actually happened to her son, the king appointed a certain officer to restore all that was hers, and all the produce of the field during the entire time of the famine. So, our Beloved LORD GOD not only restored what belonged to her, but also provided for her and her household for the next seven years.

Truly through the testimony of the Shunammite woman, we witness all things work together for good. Even a situation so horrific and hurtful, that in the midst of the suffering, would cause you to wonder how our loving GOD could possibly be working in that situation. And yet we see that HE did!

Be encouraged. If you love the LORD (which means both loving HIM and obeying HIS Will – John 14:15), indeed every situation, every circumstance in your life, HE is working out for good.

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