Seeking GOD

Seeking-GodSeek The LORD and HIS strength;
Seek HIS Face continually.
Psalm 105:4

What does it mean to seek GOD? To fully answer this question, we will start by examining three Hebrew words that were transliterated into the English word “seek”, and all are used in Scriptures instructing us to seek GOD. Two of the Hebrew words are used together in four Old Testament Scriptures, which includes the opening Scripture (Deu 4:29, Psa 24:6, Psa 105:4, 1 Chr 16:11). The third Hebrew word is found in Psalm 63:1; yet all three Hebrew words, have the same or nearly the same meaning, as demonstrated by the following definitions:

  1. Darash (OT:1875). When we are instructed to “Seek The LORD and HIS strength” in first part of Psalm 105:4; the English word “seek” is transliterated from the Hebrew word “darash” (OT:1875); it means to inquire, consult, ask, make a great effort through searching for and pursuing. This occurs when one:
    1. privately seeks GOD in prayer for answers (Gen 25:22-24, 2 Chr 20:3, Psa 119:10)
    2. inquires of GOD through HIS servants (Exd 18:15, 1 Sam 9:9, 1 Kin 22:8)
    3. searches for a relationship with GOD (Isa 55:6-7, Hos 10:12)
    4. pursues restored fellowship with GOD (Jer 29:12-14, Amo 5:4-6)
  2. Baqash (OT:1245). When we are instructed to “Seek HIS Face continually” in the second part of Psalm 105:4; the English word “seek” is transliterated from the Hebrew word “baqash” (OT:1245); it means to search for HIS very presence through:
    1. prayer (2 Sam 21:1, 2 Chr 15:15, Psa 24:6, Dan 9:3)
    2. worship (1 Chr 16:9-11, Psa 27:4, Psa 40:16, Psa 105:3)
    3. HIS WORD (Psa 119:15-16, Amo 8:11-12)
    4. corporate assembly with believers (Zec 8:20-23, Jer 50:4-5, Psa 122:1, Psa 22:22-25)
  3. Shachar (OT:7836). When we thirst for righteousness, or long to be in HIS presence. We will rise early to seek HIM, and we will do this earnestly, painstakingly, and diligently (Psa 63:1, Pro 8:17, Isa 26:9).

Why does GOD instruct us to seek HIM? For many wonderful reasons, the following are just a few. In HIS Presence there is:

  1. joy and gladness in the midst of sorrow and suffering (Psa 4:6-7, Psa 16:11, Psa 21:6)
  2. safety and security in the midst of trouble (Psa 4:8, Psa 27:5, Psa 31:20)
  3. peace in the midst of trial and tribulations (Psa 27:1-3, Jhn 14:27, Jhn 16:33)
  4. quietness and rest in the midst of chaos and turmoil (Isa 30:15, Psa 107:23-32, Psa 23:2, Mat 11:28-30)
  5. steadfastness of hope in the midst of uncertainty (Psa 16:8-9, Psa 62:5-8, Psa 112:7-8, Isa 26:3)
  6. light in the midst of darkness (2 Sam 22:29, Psa 36:9, Mic 7:8, Jhn 8:12)
  7. clarity in the midst of confusion (Psa 73:1-28, Jer 15:15-21)

When YOU said, “Seek MY Face,” my heart said to YOU,
“YOUR Face, O LORD, I shall seek.”
Psalm 27:8

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