When GOD Allows the Outside to Reflect the Inside – 2 Kings 5:1-27

A Study in 2 KingsAnd HE was saying,

That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man

For from within, out of the heart of men proceed the

Evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries

Deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as

Deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness

All these evil things proceed from within

And defile the man

Mark 7:20-23

In this BIBLE study of 2 Kings Chapter 5, our Beloved LORD GOD focuses on two men, Naaman (2 Kin 5:1-19) and Gehazi (2 Kin 5:20-27). Within the study of these two men, are nine powerful lessons for each one of us.

As we began to look at Naaman and Gehazi, we learn in 2 Kings 5:1 that Naaman was:

  • captain of the Aramean (Syrian) army
  • highly regarded and respected by his master, the King of Aram; because by him our GOD gave victory to Aram
  • a valiant (courageous, determined, successful) warrior
  • a leper

From the study in 2 Kings Chapter 4, as well as 2 Kings 5:20, we are only told that Gehazi is the servant of Elisha the man of GOD.

Before we continue with this BIBLE study, let’s stop and address its title, “When GOD Allows the Outside to Reflect the Inside.” There are two types of leprosy:

  • Physical leprosy a progressive infectious disease caused by a particular bacteria that attacks the skin, flesh, nerves, etc.; it is characterized by nodules, ulcers, white scaly scabs, deformities, and the eventual loss of feeling in the affected parts of the body. When left untreated it causes death.
  • Spiritual leprosy a progressive hardening of the heart caused by ongoing, unrepentant sin. This sin causes gradual insensitivity to the promptings of The Holy SPIRIT, deafness to the voice of GOD, lack of thirst for the presence of GOD, absence of hunger for the WORD of GOD, and no remorse for sinning against GOD. This unholy progression makes spiritual leprosy as menacing to the soul as physical leprosy is to the body.

When left untreated, long-term physical leprosy is easily detected in the smell and appearance of the body; whereas long-term spiritual leprosy is reflected in the thought processes, attitude, and behavior of affected individuals.

Naaman was a physical leper. His body was cleansed from the leprosy when he humbled himself and followed the instructions given to him by Elisha (2 Kin 5:9-14). Afterwards, his soul was also cleansed when he both believed and confessed “there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel” (2 Kin 5:15). Naaman being made whole, determined within his heart, to serve only our Beloved LORD GOD, so he sought forgiveness when he had to go with his master the King of Aram into the house of the false god Rimmon as his aide (2 Kin 5:18-19).

Gehazi was a spiritual leper. And his spiritual leprosy was revealed through his actions (2 Kin 5:20-26). Gehazi’s heart of greed (which is a heart of idolatry-Col 3:5) would be revealed to everyone, when he suddenly was covered with leprosy (2 Kin 5:27). His love for money caused him to covet the treasure Naaman had brought with him as payment for his healing. Which led to him lying to both Naaman (2 Kin 5:22) and Elisha (2 Kin 5:25) to get some of it. But like Ananias and Sapphira, he would soon discover he was not lying to man, but to GOD (Act 5:1-10). Gehazi’s sin of greed/idolatry, like Achan (Jos 6:17-19, Jos 7:1-26) and Judas Iscariot (Jhn 12:4-6, Mrk 14:3-10, Mat 26:6-16, Psa 109:4-20) before him, not only affected him, but also his descendants (2 Kin 5:27).     

Are there other physical and spiritual lepers in The BIBLE who were made whole or revealed? Yes, there are:

  • Two physical lepers who humbled themselves before our Precious LORD JESUS CHRIST, were made whole:
    • A Jewish leper (Luk 5:12-14)
    • A Samaritan leper (Luk 17:11-19)
  • Two spiritual lepers whose diseased hearts were revealed through physical leprosy:
    • Miriam’s heart of envy, led her to criticize and disparage GOD’s chosen leader, her younger brother Moses. Her judgment for speaking against GOD’s leader, was seven days outside the camp cut off from the rest of Israel, until both her heart and body were healed (Num 12:1-16).
    • King Uzziah’s heart was full of pride, causing him to try and force himself into a place that was not his to have. He spent the rest of his life with leprosy, cut off from the house of The LORD (2 Chr 26:16-21).  

Lessons within the Lesson:

  • All things work together for good (2 Kin 5:2-4, Rom 8:28). The captivity of a little girl from Israel brought healing and salvation to a man of valor from Aram.
  • HE can use any messenger (2 Kin 5:3-4, Luk 19:37-40). The message of a prophet in Israel with a gift of healing through a little Israeli servant girl, was heard and received.
  • It’s not about you (2 Kin 5:5-7, Gen 45:5-8, Deu 9:4-6, Act 16:25-31). There are times when things good or bad happen around us, or to us, but we must not lean to our own understanding about the event(s) taking place (Pro 3:5), we must trust GOD. Perhaps we are not the reason but the instrument.
  • GOD knows (2 Kin 5:3, 2 Kin 5:8, Heb 4:12). Absolutely nothing is hidden from our Beloved LORD GOD, there is no where we can hide our thoughts, actions or deeds from HIM, HE sees and knows it all (Psa 90:8, Psa 139:1-12, Jer 23:24, Eze 8:7-12).
  • Healing comes with humility (2 Kin 5:9, 2 Kin 5:11-14). When we humble ourselves before our loving, compassionate and gracious GOD, HE has promised we will be healed (2 Chr 7:14), our sorrow turned into joy (Jam 4:8-10), and our heads lifted up (Psa 3:3).
  • A true servant of GOD will never distract from HIS glory (2 Kin 5:10-11, Psa 115:1). Our heart must be humble, like our Precious LORD JESUS CHRIST, HE came as a servant (Mrk 10:45) who never tried to take honor for HIMSELF (Php 2:5-8).
  • GOD’s gifts are not for sale (2 Kin 5:15-16, Act 8:18-20). Like Naaman, we must completely understand that it is GOD at work by HIS servants (Act 19:11). We have freely received from HIM to build up HIS Church and expand HIS Kingdom, we must freely give (Mat 10:7-8).
  • GOD reveals men’s hearts (2 Kin 5:20, 1 Cor 4:5) as well as all things done in secret (2 Kin 5:21-26, Luk 12:2-3, 1 Tim 5:24-25). See comment on bullet point 4).
  • GOD will judge those secrets (2 Kin 5:27, Rom 2:16). Each one of us must stand before the judgment seat of CHRIST (2 Cor 5:10), and give account for everything we did in our bodies (Ecc 3:17, Ecc 11:9, Ecc 12:14).


And HE said to them

You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men

But GOD knows your hearts

For that which is highly esteemed among men

Is detestable in the sight of GOD     

Luke 16:15

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