Knowing How to Battle – 2 Kings 3:1-27

A Study in 2 KingsThen he went and sent word to Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, saying

“The king of Moab has rebelled against me. Will you go with me to fight against Moab?”

And he said, “I will go up; I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses as your horses.”

He said, “Which way shall we go up?”

And he answered, “The way of the wilderness of Edom.”

2 Kings 3:7-8


In this BIBLE study, we will not only be looking at how king Jehoram went about his battle against the king of Moab, but we will also examine the lessons to be learned.


  • Jehoram (aka Joram) was a son of king Ahab of Israel (2 Kin 3:1), and became king when his older brother Ahaziah died, because Ahaziah had no sons (2 Kin 1:17).
  • Jehoram like his father and brother before him, was an evil king in Israel. He too served idols instead of GOD. Though he did not serve Baal as his father, mother, and brother had. He had the pillar of Baal removed when he became king (2 Kin 3:2). However, he still served the two golden calves that Jeroboam the fifth king of Israel created, causing the whole nation of Israel to sin (2 Kin 3:3).
  • History of the golden calves. Most people know about the golden calf Aaron made for the idolatrous Israelites while Moses was still meeting with GOD on the mountain (Exd 32:1-8). But many do not know about the two golden calves, that Jeroboam created. Though GOD had given Jeroboam the ten tribes living in the northern kingdom of Israel, and promised to make his kingdom endure if he walked upright before HIM (1 Kin 11:26-38). Jeroboam did not trust GOD’s WORDs, and out of fear, sinned as Aaron had, by making two golden calves (1 Kin 12:25-33). After the two golden calves had been created and set up, Jeroboam like Aaron declared the same blasphemous words “behold your gods, O Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt” (Exd 32:2-4, 1 Kin 12:28-29).
  • Jehoshaphat the king of Judah was a man who did what was right in the sight of The LORD, like his father Asa and David (1 Kin 15:9-15, 1 Kin 22:41-44). He often inquired of The LORD, and called a nationwide fast, when seeking help from The LORD from Judah’s enemies who were too many and too powerful (2 Chr 20:1-30).

In order to be victorious in the battles we face, we must know how to battle. Which means:

  • Be experienced in warfare → Experience only comes with doing (Before David was a man of war-1 Chr 28:3, he was a protector of sheep-1 Sam 17:33-37). You must practice in order to become experienced (Heb 5:14, Eph 4:13-15, Psa 119:100-102)
  • Have an understanding of the battle you face → Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:11)
  • Be aware of, or be familiar with the tactics of the enemy → Satan is a tempter (Gen 3:1-3, Mat 4:3-11); an accuser (Gen 3:5, Rev 12:10, Zec 3:1-5); a liar (Gen 3:3-4, Jhn 8:44); a deceiver (Rev 12:9, Rev 13:14, 1 Tim 2:14, Gen 3:13); a destroyer (1 Pet 5:8, Jhn 10:10, Jhn 8:44, Luk 22:31)…
  • Know how to win → Do not fight alone (Ecc 4:9-12, Mat 18:19-20, Mrk 6:7-13, Luk 10:1-12); fight with a champion (Isa 42:13, Isa 19:20, Jer 20:11, Jer 15:20-21, Zep 3:17, Rom 8:31)

Lessons Learned in 2 Kings Chapter 3:

  • Choose your Allies wisely (2 Kin 3:7, Psa 46:1-3, Psa 146:3-5, Jer 17:5-8).
  • Do not assume your decision is GOD’s decision (2 Kin 3:8-9, Pro 3:5-6), your thoughts are not HIS thoughts (Isa 55:8-9, 1 Cor 1:27-29). Remember our Beloved LORD GOD gave victory to:
    • Gideon―with trumpets, pitchers and torches (Jug 7:16-23)
    • David―with a slingshot and a single stone (1 Sam 17:40-50)
    • Jehoram―with trenches (2 Kin 3:16-23)
    • Kingdom of Judah―by praise and worship (2 Chr 20:14-22)
  • Do not blame GOD for your circumstances (2 Kin 3:10, 2 Kin 3:13, Num 11:1, Job 1:20-22, Job 2:7-10).
  • Always inquire of GOD first (2 Kin 3:11-13, 1 Sam 9:9, Heb 4:14-16), then you will know when to fight and when to stand (1 Sam 17:46-47, 2 Sam 5:17-25, 2 Chr 20:15); only those with a clean heart can inquire of HIM (1 Sam 28:6, Eze 20:1-3, Isa 59:1-3, Mat 5:23-24↔1 Pet 2:5, Rom 12:1, Heb 13:15-16, Jhn 9:31).
  • Seek GOD’s presence through prayer, praise and worship (2 Kin 3:14-15, 1 Sam 10:5, Psa 100:1-5, Psa 95:2, Php 4:6).
  • Obey HIS WORD (2 Kin 3:24-25) without going too far (Deu 4:2, Deu 12:32, Pro 30:6, 2 Jhn 1:9-11, Rev 22:18-19). The armies led by Israel slaughtered the Moabites (2 Kin 3:24), causing GOD’s wrath to rise against Israel (2 Kin 3:27, Zec 1:15).
  • Know your weakness, and your enemy’s strength (2 Kin 3:26), a hard lesson learned by the seven sons of Sceva (Act 19:11-16), who did not know GOD is our strength (Psa 81:1, Psa 62:7-8, Luk 11:20-22).
  • Do not forget the reason for the battle (2 Kin 3:4-7, 2 Kin 3:27) and do not rejoice over your enemy’s downfall (Pro 24:17-18).

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