We Are Not Doing Right – 2 Kin 7:1-16

A Study in 2 KingsThen they said to one another
We are not doing right
This day is a day of good news
But we are keeping silent
If we wait until morning light, punishment will overtake us
Now therefore come
Let us go and tell the king’s household
2 Kings 7:9

As we continue our BIBLE study in 2 Kings, we look at four lepers and the events surrounding them in 2 Kings 7:1-16. We will also consider how the lesson the lepers learned, applies to us today.

Four lepers lived outside the city of Samaria (2 Kin 7:3-4), in accordance to our Beloved LORD GOD’s LAW concerning leprosy (Lev chapters 13 and 14). In Leviticus 13:45-46, we learn that lepers were required to live outside of populated areas, and warn others from a distance not to come close to them. We see this commandment carried out with the separation of Miriam (Num 12:10-15), King Uzziah (2 Chr 26:16-21) and ten leprous men standing outside a village where JESUS was about to enter (Luk 17:11-14).

It may seem harsh that GOD’s LAW required lepers to be separated from the general population, but leprosy is a disease that can be transmitted person-to-person through close and repeated contact through nose and mouth droplets (sneezing or coughing) from someone who has untreated leprosy. Truly our GOD is compassionate, and we see HIS kindness to lepers through our Precious LORD JESUS. When JESUS came into contact with lepers, HE did not avoid them HE met them right where they were:
 When a man covered with leprosy fell on his face at JESUS feet and begged JESUS, saying, ‘”LORD if YOU are willing, YOU can make me clean.” JESUS moved with compassion stretched out HIS hand and touched the leper, saying to him, “I am willing, be cleansed.” (Mrk 1:40-44)
When JESUS was in Bethany, HE went to the house of Simon the leper and dined with him (Mrk 14:1-3, Luk 7:36-50)
 JESUS testified to John the Baptist’s disciples about the miracles taking place during HIS ministry, including the cleansing of lepers (Mat 11:2-6)

The four lepers in this BIBLE study were starving to death because of the severe famine in Samaria (the capital of Israel). This famine was caused by the Aramean army (army of modern day Syria) besieging, or completely surrounding the city (2 Kin 6:24). This besiegement prevented any help from getting in, or people getting out. The lack of food was so severe that the Israelites living inside Samaria were eating unclean animals, dove dung (bowel movement), even their children (2 Kin 6:25-29).

The four lepers discussed their options for dying or living (2 Kin 7:3-4). They decided to surrender themselves to the Arameans, where the possibility of surviving the famine existed (2 Kin 7:5). They did not know their decision was part of a plan our Beloved LORD GOD, The Victorious Warrior (Zep 3:17) was carrying out (2 Kin 7:6-7), to fulfill HIS WORD through the mouth of HIS prophet Elisha (2 Kin 7:1).

The four lepers went to the camp of the Arameans, and found it abandoned. They satisfied their hunger and thirst with the drink and food that had been left behind. Afterwards, they made two trips between where they lived and the Aramean camp, to hide the silver, gold and clothes also abandoned (2 Kin 7:8). By the third trip our Beloved LORD GOD convicted their consciences, making it known “what they were doing was not right,” and they would be punished if they continued (2 Kin 7:9). The four lepers responded to the conviction by immediately going to the gatekeepers of Samaria and announcing the good news (2 Kin 7:10), thus our Beloved LORD GOD saved the people of Samaria from completely perishing (2 Kin 7:11-16).

Like the four lepers who were saved from death, every Christian has been given Good News (Rom 10:14-15). Are you doing what is right? Are you sharing The Good News with the weak, the lost, and the dying of the world (Mat 24:14, Mat 28:18-20)? Are you receiving from GOD but never giving to others? (Luk 6:38, Mat 7:2, Mrk 4:24-25) Have you become a fat sheep? (Eze 34:17-22)? If you are not doing what is right, then you have blood on your hands (Act 20:26-27, Eze 3:16-21, Eze 33:1-9). Why? Because it is not our Beloved LORD GOD’s desire for any soul to perish (2 Pet 3:9). Therefore HE sends HIS servants forth with The GOOD NEWS that saves souls (Isa 52:7). Every Christian is responsible for their part in reaching the lost, making disciples, serving the body of our Precious CHRIST JESUS (Rom 12:4-8, Eph 4:11-13). If you are not doing your part, consider that you like the four lepers have been warned about punishment overtaking you, if you continue in wrongdoing.

And having shod YOUR FEET
For shoes
Put on the readiness to preach The Good News of peace with GOD
Ephesians 6:15

Preach The WORD
Be ready in season and out of season
Reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction
2 Timothy 4:2

But sanctify CHRIST as LORD in your hearts
Always being ready to make a defense
To everyone who asks you to give an account
For the hope that is in you
Yet with gentleness and reverence
1 Peter 3:15

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