Always Being Ready to Make a Defense

Always being ready to make a defense

Often in teaching The WORD of GOD and preaching The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, we face various responses. There are those who really want to know, others who are skeptical, and finally those who outright oppose both the messenger and the message.

But regardless of the response, our Beloved LORD GOD has called us to walk in a certain manner, as described in 1 Peter 3:15. We are called to:
1) Sanctify CHRIST as LORD in our hearts means to treat HIM holy, by honoring and respecting HIM as The ONE WHO has authority over us (Luk 6:46, Mal 1:6). Honoring and respecting HIM is not just with lip service (Isa 29:13), but from our innermost beings (Psa 51:6).
2) Always being ready to make a defense means to be ready at any time to give a reasonable explanation. To be able to do this, there must be trust and reliance on The LORD (Mat 10:19-20). This level of trust and reliance comes only from having a relationship with HIM so personal, that you meet HIM every day just to talk (prayer), thank HIM (worship), and receive instruction from HIM (study of The BIBLE).
3) To everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you means to anyone who questions why you believe and live as you do. It is important here to pay careful attention to the word “asks” or “questions”. You are responding to someone who truly desires to know, not to those who only want to make their beliefs known, nor to those who are not willing to listen, nor even to those who want to argue (Mat 7:6, Mrk 8:11-13, 2 Tim 2:14, 2 Tim 2:23, Tit 3:9).
4) Yet with gentleness and reverence means you should speak in a manner that is courteous to the hearer and honoring to GOD (Pro 15:1, Pro 15:18, Gal 6:1, Col 4:6, 2 Tim 2:24-25).

By obediently conducting ourselves according to 1 Peter 3:15, our conscience will remain clear, even when falsely accused. Our godly behavior will refute the accusations being made (1 Pet 3:13-16).

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