A Disobedient Heart


Disobedience a heart turned awayThe LORD has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men
To see if there are any who understand
Who seek after GOD
They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt
There is no one who does good, not even one
Psalm 14:2-3

When I prayed to my Beloved LORD GOD concerning the foundational Scripture for a disobedient heart, HE gave me the aforementioned Scripture (Psa 14:2-3). HE revealed to me that this BIBLE study like all other in this series, examines the disobedient heart of believers. It will specifically look at two types of disobedient believers:
       1. those who once knew HIM but have turned away from HIM
       2. those who profess to know HIM but their lifestyle confirm they do not

Before we look at them, let’s take a moment to understand what it means to be disobedient. The English word “disobedient”:
Is transliterated from the Hebrew word “mārâ” (OT:4784) and means to rebel (go against or defy authority), be contentious (always ready to argue, quarrelsome). This would be an example of the nation of Israel which came out of Egypt (Neh 9:26). This nation was indeed believers in GOD, they prayed to HIM for deliverance when under the cruel bondage of the Egyptians (Exd 3:7). But from the edge of the Red Sea to the edge of the Promised Land they were contentious (Exd 14:10-12, Deu 1:26-32), not trusting in or obeying GOD (Exd 16:19-28, Psa 78:17-22).
Is transliterated from the Greek word “parakoeés” (NT:3876), and means refusal or unwillingness to hear. This would be an example of Adam (Rom 5:19). Our Beloved LORD GOD gave him access to any tree in the garden, only one tree HE commanded Adam not to eat from (Gen 2:16-17). Adam however refused to listen to GOD and ate from the tree (Gen 3:6), though he was not deceived by anything the serpent (Gen 3:4-5, Rev 12:9) said to Eve (1 Tim 2:14).
Is transliterated from the Greek word “apeithēs” (NT:545) and means unpersuadable, contumacious (a stubborn person who refuses to obey rules; an example of contumacious is someone who will absolutely not wear a seat belt because they don’t like to be told what to do). This is an example of men in the last days (2 Tim 3:2). A further example of this type of disobedience is from the Old Testament. King Jehoiakim of Judah burned The WORDs of The LORD GOD rather than listen, repent and obey (Jer 36:1-26). And Pharaoh refused to let GOD’s people go (Exd 5:1-2) because he thought he could defy The ALMIGHTY.
According to the 5th edition of Webster’s New World college dictionary, to be disobedient is to refuse to obey; fail to follow rules or commands, etc.; insubordinate (someone not submissive to authority, nor willing to follow orders). This is an example of those who pretend to be GOD’s people, but refuse to obey HIM (Luk 6:46, Psa 78:34-37, Eze 33:30-33).

Now, as we look at the first group of disobedient believers, those who once knew GOD but have turned away from HIM; we are looking at apostates (those who abandon, turn away, or fall away from faith in GOD―Jer 7:24, Jer 8:5, 2 Ths 2:3, 1 Tim 4:1). They accepted the invitation to Salvation and then turned away. Our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST demonstrates this truth through a parable from Matthew 22:1-14 and Luke 14:15-24. Many people received and accepted an invitation from the King to come to HIS SON’s wedding banquet. But at the dinner hour, when the banquet was ready, they turned from their acceptance, citing other interests. Even today, many people were invited through Salvation to the marriage supper of The Lamb (Rev 19:9-Jhn 1:29, Luk 14:15, Luk 22:15-16), they accepted the invitation to Salvation and then turned away in apostasy. They turned away from GOD (Isa 1:4, Jer 32:33, Heb 6:4-6), and they turned away from HIS WORD (Psa 50:17, Jer 32:33, Heb 10:26-31).

Why did they turn away? It was a process that started with no longer loving GOD more than all else (Deu 6:5, Psa 73:25, Php 3:8, Rev 2:4-5). Their love grew lukewarm (Rev 3:15-16), and finally cold (Mat 24:12). When they stopped loving GOD, they became corrupted (Deu 32:5-6, Zep 3:7, Eph 4:22), defiled (Eze 20:31, 2 Pet 2:10), stained (Rom 2:17-24, Jam 1:27), and they changed into a state worse than the one they were in before Salvation (1 Cor 15:33, Luk 11:24-26).

How can I know that I am not an apostate? The fact that you are going through this BIBLE study, and concerned that you might be, is proof that you have not abandoned your faith in GOD. Crisis of faith is not abandonment of faith. If you are struggling with your faith, or struggling with your walk, seek HIM out through worship (Deu 4:29-31, Psa 63:1, Psa 105:4), draw near to HIM through prayer (Mat 11:28, Heb 7:25, Jam 4:8), turn from your sins (Isa 55:6-7, Act 26:20), ask HIM for forgiveness and refreshing (1 Jhn 1:9, Act 3:19), and finally make sure you continually meeting with others who walk closely to our GOD (Heb 10:25).

Looking at the second group of disobedient believers, or those who profess to know HIM but their lifestyle confirm they do not (Tit 1:16, 1 Jhn 1:5-7, 1 Jhn 2:3-6). This group like demons believe in GOD (Jam 2:19, Mat 8:28-32, Mar 1:23-26), but are believers or followers “in name only” (Isa 48:1-2, Rom 2:17-24, 2 Cor 11:13-15). They pretend obedience to our Beloved LORD GOD (Mat 21:28-32, Mat 23:27-28). However, their disobedient hearts do whatever they want, instead of The FATHER’s will (Job 21:14-15, Mat 23:1-3), while mingling among believers as if they are also (Mat 7:15-20, Act 20:29-30).

Why do these disobedient believers mingle among true believers? Out of greed (1 Tim 6:5, Tit 1:11, 2 Pet 2:3, Jud 1:16), out of lust (2 Pet 2:12-15, Jud 1:17-18), and out of pride (Jhn 7:18, Jhn 12:42-43, 1 Tim 6:3-4).

He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul,
But he who is careless of conduct will die.
Proverbs 19:16

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