A Lesson in Studying The WORD

True BIBLE Study

For Ezra had set his heart to study The LAW of The LORD
And to practice It
And to teach HIS Statutes and Ordinances in Israel
Ezra 7:10

Ezra was a scribe who was very knowledgeable in the law of Moses (Ezr 7:6), and set his heart to study, practice, and teach The WORD of GOD to Israel. In this lesson, we want to teach you how to study The WORD of GOD.  

What does it mean to study The WORD of GOD? To fully answer the question the word “study” must be defined, and then compared to the word “read”. Why, because each one of us should be studying GOD’s WORD not merely reading it. Reading through short devotions are fine, but studying GOD’s WORD is a must. I recently read an interesting article “Difference Between Studying and Reading” written by Evah Kungu on June 4, 2018, on the  www.differencebetween.net site. The article seemed very redundant to me, but had good insight. I have taken highlights from the article, shored-up definitions using both the English and Hebrew languages, and adjusted the diagram accordingly.

Both studying and reading are familiar terms within the learning process. Both are required, and are inter-dependent, e.g. reading helps with studying. These two processes, however, differ in performance and nature as defined below:

  • Studying is the process of fully concentrating and devoting ample time to a particular subject, in order to fully understand an array of topics within that subject:
    • it requires devotion of time and attention to
    • it is a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation
  • Reading is the process of going through a topic within a given subject in order to gain information from it:
    • it requires acquiring information about a subject
    • perusing through texts to understand the concepts and meanings within the subject

Study versus Read

With these definitions in mind, please carefully read through John 11:1-57. Make notes in a journal what GOD spoke to your heart as you read through this passage. Next please, prayerfully study John 11:1-57, by answering the following questions. The answers will be provided in two weeks.

Here are just a few questions you should prayerfully consider when studying the aforementioned passage:

  1. John 11:1 mentions Lazarus, Mary and her sister Martha:
      1. What is Lazarus relationship with Mary and Martha?
      2. What passages state this relationship?
  2. Why does John 11:2 mention what Mary did for our Precious JESUS?
  3. How many times and on what occasions did Mary anoint our LORD with oil? How many times and for what reasons did she wipe HIS feet with her hair?
  4. How did JESUS feel about Lazarus, Mary, and Martha?
  5. Why did HE wait two days before going to heal Lazarus?
  6. If JESUS only waited two days before going to heal Lazarus, why was he dead for four days when JESUS arrived?
  7. Where is Judea located?
  8. The disciples objected to JESUS going to Judea, why?
  9. JESUS gave three answers to their objections, what were they and what did HE mean?
  10. Who is Thomas Didymus? Why did he make such a statement?
  11. What did JESUS mean in John 11:25 that HE is the resurrection and the life?
  12. Why did JESUS weep, since HE knew HE would raise Lazarus from the dead?

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