The Faithful and Merciful GOD (2 Kings Chapter 13)

A Study in 2 KingsGOD is faithful, through WHOM you were called into fellowship with HIS SON
1 Corinthians 1:9

In this series of studies in 2 Kings, our Beloved LORD GOD has been allowing us to learn of HIS ways. In this thirteenth chapter of 2 Kings we will observe:

  • Our faithful GOD keeping the everlasting covenant HE made with Abraham, and his descendants even though wronged by Abraham’s descendants (Lev 26:43-45). HE refused to destroy the nation of Israel (2 Kin 13:23), because of the covenant HE made with HIS friend Abraham (Jam 2:23). HE confirmed the covenant with Abraham’s son, Isaac (Gen 26:1-6), confirmed it again with Abraham’s grandson, Jacob (Gen 28:10-19), and continues to confirm it through every generation (Psa 105:6-11, Luk 1:72-75).
  • Our merciful GOD extends HIS compassion to the wrongdoing descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, because HE is a GOD of love (2 Cor 13:11). In fact, our GOD is love (1 Jhn 4:8). And as such, HIS mercy is always present, even in HIS anger (Hab 3:2). We witness HIS mercy for disobedient Israel throughout 2 Kings chapter 13, and in 2 Kings 14:26. All through The BIBLE we see HIS mercy extended to those who humble themselves when disciplined for their sins. We observe it:
    • all the way through the book of Judges, our Beloved LORD GOD moved to pity by the groaning of an oppressed, afflicted, disobedient Israel; HE would raise up judges to deliver them (Jdg 2:16-18)
    • during the discipline of king David, when he took a census of the fighting men of Israel (2 Sam 24:1-17)
    • during Ahab’s reaction to the LORD’s judgment pronounced against his house (1 Kin 21:17-29)
    • at the time Solomon’s son king Rehoboam, humbled himself when Egypt came against him (2 Chr 12:1-8)
    • for the paralyzed man lying at the Bethesda pool at the sheep gate in Jerusalem (Jhn 5:1-17, Act 10:38).

Why would GOD keep covenant with people who would not keep covenant with HIM? For four of many reasons:

  • HE is faithful (Deu 7:9, 1 Cor 1:9, 1 Ths 5:24). Which means HE is a GOD of truth (Isa 65:16), HE will not lie (Tit 1:2, Heb 6:18) or make deceitful promises (Jer 1:12, 2 Chr 6:4-10). HIS constant faithfulness is a result of HIS integrity, not dependent on whether man is faithful or not (2 Tim 2:13).
  • HE is The Covenant KEEPER (Dan 9:4, 2 Sam 23:5). So HE will not fail (Deu 4:31); change (Mal 3:6, Jam 1:17); and is always trustworthy (Isa 40:8, Rev 15:3).
  • HE is merciful, and has pity on those who suffer (Deu 32:36, Jdg 2:18, Psa 106:44-45). HE will act on their behalf, as HE did for Jehoahaz and Jehoash (2 Kin 13:4-5, 2 Kin 13:10-19, 2 Kin 13:24-25). HIS love and faithfulness are unfailing (Psa 86:15).
  • HE is kind to all (Mat 5:45), even those who hate HIM (Act 7:42-43, Neh 9:16-21). Yet HE will punish all who do wrong (Exd 32:35, Psa 78:1-72, Rom 2:5-8).

Are there specific practices (ongoing behavior) that causes one to break covenant with GOD? Yes, we will present four of them. First, when there is unbelief in GOD and HIS WORD. The unbeliever will not listen to GOD because of their absence of belief; lack of faith; lack of trust; skeptism; uncertainty (Exd 4:10-16, Num 14:11-12, Psa 78:21-22, Psa 106:24, Heb 3:17-18). Second when one is practicing idolatry. Idolatry is a sin of the mind and heart against GOD. With this particular sin, there is lack of acknowledgment of, devotion to, or reverence for GOD (Jos 23:16, Psa 106:34-43, Rom 1:20-23, Col 3:5-6). Third, when one walks in disobedience. They fail to obey; fail to listen; are faithless; rebellious; insubordinate (1 Sam 15:22-23, Isa 5:24-25, Rom 2:8-9, Eph 5:6, 2 Ths 1:7-9). Fourth, they grumble and complain, quietly speaking discontent; finding fault; not thankful; ungrateful (Num 4:10-16, Num 11:1, Num 14:26-33, 1 Cor 10:10, Php 2:14-15).

Is there a final outcome for the faithless? Yes, Scripture plainly states:

He who remains stiff-necked after much rebuke
Will be suddenly and incurably broken
Proverbs 29:1

Take care, brethren
That there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart
That falls away from the living GOD
Hebrews 3:12

But for the cowardly and unbelieving
And abominable and murderers and immoral persons
And sorcerers and idolaters and all liars
Their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone
Which is the second death
Revelation 21:8

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