Which translated means
Matthew 1:23

Several days ago I woke up singing a song that my Beloved LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST placed in my soul. And ever since, the song randomly comes to my heart and I begin to sing:

*Emmanuel, Emmanuel
HIS Name is called Emmanuel
GOD with us, revealed in us
HIS Name is called Emmanuel

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
HIS Name is called Emmanuel
We love HIM so, we love HIM so
HIS Name is called Emmanuel

Throughout many years, I have both read and taught Matthew 1:23. I have known from the previous passages (Mat 1:18-22) that my Beloved ABBA FATHER was speaking to us about HIS only begotten SON, JESUS CHRIST. And when the song begin playing over and over in my soul, it caused me to stop and spend time reflecting on Matthew 1:23. I asked my Beloved LORD GOD, “What is it you want me to understand about this Scripture?”

HE pointed out every name and every title our Beloved JESUS CHRIST was given, holds the same weight as every WORD HE speaks. HE further explained that HIS people must understand that as IMMANUEL, HE is GOD WHO is:
With us. So we need not fear (Num 14:1-9, 2 Chr 20:1-30, 2 Chr 32:1-22). Because HE is with us, HE is our Stronghold (Psa 9:9-10, Psa 46:8-11, Psa 59:16-17), our Hiding place or place of survival (Psa 32:7, Psa 31:20, Psa 119:114), and our Refuge or impregnable Rock (Isa 33:16, Isa 25:4, Mat 7:24-25) that cannot be taken by assault, and cannot be conquered.
Among us. HE dwells among HIS people whether in SPIRIT (Exd 25:8, Exd 29:45-46, 1 Kin 6:11-13, Jhn 14:23, 2 Cor 6:16, Rev 21:3) or in flesh (Jhn 1:14, Act 1:21-22, Rom 1:2-4, 1 Jhn 1:1-3, 2 Jhn 1:7).
In the midst of us. HE stands in the very center of HIS people (Mat 18:20, Hag 2:5↔Exd 19:4-6, Exd 29:45-46). HIS tent of meeting was placed in the center of the Israelites camp, as a visual of where HE resides with HIS people (Num 1:47-54, Num 2:1-34). Our Beloved LORD GOD resides within the souls of HIS faithful, within their innermost beings (Rom 8:9-11, Jhn 7:38-39, 1Cor 3:16, 1 Cor 6:19, Eph 3:17-20, 1 Jhn 4:13).
Beside us. HE is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time-Psa 139:7-10), so HE doesn’t just dwell within those who practice righteousness, HE stands beside them, as they pray to HIM (Exd 34:5, Exd 33:7-11↔Exd 19:9); when HE speaks to them (Num 12:4-9, 1 Sam 3:4–15); as HE strengthens them (2 Tim 4:16-18, Php 4:13, 2 Cor 12:8-10, Eph 3:16).
Always with us. HE will never abandon nor forsake those who love HIM (1 Sam 12:22, Psa 37:25-28, Psa 94:14); HE is our very present help or is abundantly available to help in times of trouble (Psa 46:1, Psa 37:39-40, Psa 54:5); HE will always be with us (Mat 28:20, Act 18:9-11).

We cannot leave this BIBLE study without also letting you know that GOD will not dwell among people, whose lifestyle is one of willful sin/iniquity, a lifestyle which continually ignores GOD’S WORD (Isa 59:2). GOD is with those who are with HIM (2 Chr 15:2). If you purposely ignore HIS WORD by following your own desires (Eze 33:30-32), thinking your behavior is hidden, you will personally discover that GOD truly sees and knows everything (Heb 4:13, Psa 33:13-15, Eze 8:7-12). Your sin will become known (Num 32:23, Luk 8:17, 1 Tim 5:24-25) as Achan’s sin was made known concerning the items under ban in Jericho (Joshua chapters 6 and 7). You must choose who you will follow, will you follow The Good Shepherd by listening to HIS Voice and obeying HIS WORD (Jhn 10:3-4, Jhn 10:27, Psa 23:1)? Or will you choose the way that seems right to you (Pro 14:12) and learn that Death is your Shepherd (Psa 49:14)?

Surely the righteous will give thanks to YOUR NAME
The upright will dwell in YOUR Presence
Psalm 140:13


*Emmanuel is the Hebrew word for the Greek word Immanuel.

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