Useless Eaters

Useless EatersA bruised reed HE will not break
And a dimly burning wick HE will not extinguish
HE will faithfully bring forth justice
Isaiah 42:3

Repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” has dominated news headlines since it was first passed on March 23, 2010. For more than 7 years there has been a nonstop effort to repeal (cancel or invalidate) this law that helps the poor, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled.

Most people watching the battles to repeal and replace health care laws, see it as the battles of “the haves and haves not”. Instead of seeing it for what it really is, behavior driven by hatred, lack of compassion, selfishness, hardheartedness, unfeelingness, and greed.


Why wouldn’t most people including those professing to be “christian”, not see this for what it is? Without GOD’s Holy SPIRIT, most things are not always immediately discernible. But those who are continually led and taught by The SPIRIT of GOD are able to examine closely, and perceive clearly the events that are occurring (1 Cor 2:15).


The intense effort to repeal the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “ is a manifestation of those ancient wicked spirits that are sneaky, cowardly, and without mercy, or compassion.


Why are those ancient wicked spirits considered “sneaky” and “cowardly”? Every demonic spirit, Satan, and even sinful flesh is “sneaky” and “cowardly”. When being enticed into sin, you will never be given the truth about its consequences (Jam 1:13-15); instead the focus will be on satisfaction. The uninformed, the unbelieving, the naïve, and the weak are deceived into making wrong choices and following deadly courses when they are made to believe what is not true, through delusion or misleading (Gen 3:1-13, Deu 11:16, Rev 12:9). Many who are part of the intense effort to repeal the health care act, have been deceived on two levels:

1.     the focus is on the President who passed the act by calling it Obamacare instead of the reason for the health care act in the first place, “to protect patients who were unable to get reasonable health care because of preexisting conditions, and to provide affordable health care to those who are dying without it“

2.     stoking the fears that insurance premiums will continue to rise unchecked, creating uncertainty among the insurers, instability in the markets and proving the fears are true as a result of the behavior caused by its being expressed


We have seen these evil spirits at work in The BIBLE, throughout history, and even in those who are close to us:

1.    In Biblical history these evil spirits were at work in the Amalekites (descendants of Esau’s grandson Amalek, Exd 36:12):

a.     During the Israelites journey from their harsh bondage and mistreatment in Egypt, men from the tribe of Amalek attacked the slowest and weakest Israelites at the rear (Deu 25:17-19).

b.    While David and his six hundred men were away with Achish to prepare for battle (1 Sam 29:1-11), the Amalekites came and stole their belongings, wives, sons and daughters (1 Sam 30:1-6).

These evil spirits worked against David and his men; without from the Amalekites and within from the wicked and worthless men among David and his men (1 Sam 30:22). Two hundred of David’s six hundred men were too exhausted to cross the brook Besor to get their belongings and captive families back, so they remained behind (1 Sam 30:10). Instead of having compassion on these exhausted men, those wicked and worthless men announced that those who did not fight, would only receive their wives and children back and nothing else (1 Sam 30:21-25).     

2.       In World history these evil spirits are at work:

a.     In Hitler in 1939, when he began using the term “unnütze esser” – (which literally means “useless eaters” or “useless mouths”). This term was first used in the T4 program as the genocidal marker in Nazi Germany which targeted the terminally ill, the disabled (both physical and mental), and the elderly for “euthanasia”. It was then extended to include any other people who were considered an economic burden on society.

b.     In terrorists both past and present, they prey upon the weak; using the elderly, the sick, women and children as human shields; firing upon troops, while hiding within hospitals, orphanages, and family homes; deliberately placing the elderly, the sick, women and children in or around combat targets to deter the enemy from attacking these targets; forcing these helpless people to march out in front of them during battles.

c.     Daily, within families when an individual is more concerned about their own desires and needs rather than others; among co-workers when there is little tolerance for the shortcomings or struggles of others; and for strangers when there is no compassion for the destitute.


Our Beloved GOD is compassionate and merciful. In the opening Scripture, Isaiah 42:3; HE tells us HE will not break off or entirely crush those who are weak, fragile, easily shaken or broken. And HE will not extinguish or quench those who are barely hanging on, instead by HIS grace and HIS hand, HE will revive, restore, feed and cultivate until they grow strong again. HE truly is the lifter of our heads (Psa 3:3-6)!


Throughout The BIBLE HE has commanded us to respect the elderly (Lev 19:32, Pro 23:22, 1 Tim 5:1), take care of the widows, orphans (Psa 68:4-6, 1 Tim 5:3-5, Jam 1:27) do no wrong to foreigners (Lev 19:33-34, Mat 25:34-35, Heb 13:1-3), help the needy and the poor (Deu 15:11, Pro 19:17, Pro 22:9, Mat 25:34-36), and be strength to those without strength (Psa 82:3-4, Rom 15:1).


For HE will deliver the needy when he cries for help,

The afflicted also, and him who has no helper.

HE will have compassion on the poor and needy,

And the lives of the needy HE will save.

HE will rescue their life from oppression and violence,

And their blood will be precious in HIS sight;

Psalm 72:12-14

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