Light of the world


You are the light of the world

A city set on a hill cannot be hidden

Nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand

And it gives light to all who are in the house.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works

And glorify your FATHER WHO is in Heaven.

Matthew 5:14-16

When John the baptizer was asked by the priests and Levites from Jerusalem who he was, he did not fully know (Jhn 1:19-25). He knew from the messages that Gabriel The archangel (Luk 1:11-25) and The Holy SPIRIT (Luk 1:57-77) had given his father Zacharias; he was a prophet of GOD (Luk 1:76), the forerunner (one who goes before) our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST (Luk 1:17, Luk 1:76) to prepare hearts (call to repentance/turn back to GOD from sin) in order to receive HIS salvation (Mat 3:1-3, Luk 1:17, Luk 1:76-77).

John the baptizer, like so many of us, did not fully know who he was. Only our Beloved LORD JESUS fully knew and revealed to us who John the baptizer was; he was indeed Elijah the prophet who would come as the forerunner of our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST (Mal 4:5-6, Mat 11:14, Mat 17:10-13).

Our Beloved LORD JESUS has revealed to us who we are. In HIS sermon on the mount, HE told us, HIS followers, we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Mat 5:13-16).

As the salt of the earth, we bring:

  • Purity to an impure world (2 Kin 2:19-22); by living out lives that have been purified through our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST (Psa 51:10, Mat 5:8, Tit 2:11-14, 1 Jhn 1:9), we stand out from those who live morally corrupt lives (Gen 6:11-12, 2 Pet 2:10).
  • Grace to a cruel world (Col 4:6), allowing us to reflect the character of our Beloved LORD JESUS WHO dwells within us (Jhn 1:14-17). We love when hated, bless when cursed and pray for those who mistreat us (Luk 6:27-28, Rom 12:14). We are merciful (Luk 6:36), forgiving (Eph 4:32, Col 3:12-13) and reconciling (Mat 5:23-24).
  • Thirst for The Holy SPIRIT in those who witness righteousness, peace and joy (Rom 14:17), in faithful servants of JESUS CHRIST despite their circumstances (Jhn 14:27, Jhn 16:33, Php 4:7).  

Our GOD is Light (1 Jhn 1:5), our JESUS is The LIGHT (Jhn 9:5, Jhn 12:46) and when we walk closely with HIM by seeking HIM out (Psa 27:8, Psa 105:4) and obeying HIS WORD (Jhn 14:21, 1 Cor 1:9, 1 Jhn 6-7), HE will abide with us, by living within us (Jhn 14:23, Rom 8:9, Eph 3:17); and we become bearers of HIS LIGHT to the world. And as the light of the world:

  • We are like the stars HE has placed the sky to give light on the earth (Gen 1:16-17); we appear as lights in the midst of a perverse and crooked generation (Php 2:13-15).
  • We bear The LIGHT HIMSELF within our hearts (2 Cor 4:6, Jhn 1:4-9, Jhn 8:12), shining forth HIS presence in our lives (Pro 4:18, Dan 12:3, Eph 5:7-9) bringing praise and honor to HIM as a result of how we live (Mat 5:16, Eph 2:10, 1 Pet 2:12).
  • We enlighten the eyes and hearts of those sitting in darkness; that they may turn from the darkness and kingdom of Satan (Act 13:46-47, Act 26:16-18) to The LIGHT and Kingdom of GOD and HIS Beloved SON JESUS (Col 1:12-13)

A wise man once said “Salt speaks of inward character that influences a decaying world; light speaks of the outward testimony of good works that points to GOD.” Sadly, there are many who do not know our Beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST; they live in darkness (Psa 107:10-11, Jhn 12:46), not knowing what they stumble over (Pro 4:19), or even where they are going (1 Jhn 2:11). So let us live lives, which glorify our Beloved LORD GOD, causing them to desire to know HIM for themselves.

For with YOU is the fountain of life;

In YOUR light we see light.

Psalm 36:9

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