Loving GOD means Loving HIS WORD

prayer-bibleJESUS answered and said to him, “If anyone loves ME, he will keep MY WORD; and MY FATHER will love him, and WE will come to him and make OUR abode with him.” He who does not love ME does not keep MY WORDS; and THE WORD which you hear is not MINE, but the FATHER’s who sent ME. John 14:23-24

As I reflect on the aforementioned passage, I am reminded of two types of “believers” who sadly walk in spiritual deceit:

  1. Professing Christians who talk about their love of GOD and HIS SON, yet they spend very little time studying HIS WORD
  2. Professing GOD worshippers who profess their love and devotion to GOD yet deny HIS SON, JESUS.

What my LORD has shown me is there is no difference between the two, though they wear different labels.

The Christian who professes to love GOD and HIS SON JESUS yet spends very little time studying HIS WORD by their own actions prove they are not walking in truth. Scripture rightly speaks of the things we see in human nature (Luke 12:34). Human nature confirming our Beloved GOD’s WORD, by demonstrating over and over what one treasures and loves most is where their heart is. It is also there, a great deal of time is spent. On the other hand, what one treasures and loves least is where very little time is spent. The one who truly loves GOD and HIS SON JESUS delights in and loves both HIM and HIS WORD.

Psalm 119 is an example of a faithful follower who seeks GOD with all his heart by seeking to know HIS ways through HIS WORD. Let’s take a quick look at this faithful follower. He truly delights in GOD’s WORD (Psalm 119:16, Psalm 119:24, Psalm 119:35, Psalm 119:47, Psalm 119:174) no matter the circumstances he faces (Psalm 119:92, Psalm 119:143). He loves GOD’s WORD (Psalm 119:47-48, Psalm 119:97, Psalm 119:127) which brings him great peace and keeps him from stumbling (Psalm 119:165).

The one who professes to love GOD and yet denies HE has a SON, is deceived. They cannot know The ONE, True and Living GOD when they deny HIS only begotten SON (Psalm 2:7-12, John 15:21, John 16:1-3). One does not have a personal relationship with The FATHER when they deny HIS SON (1 John 2:23). One cannot truly love someone they do not know (John 8:19). GOD is not a FATHER to those who do not love HIS SON (John 8:42).

The one who loves GOD, loves both HIS written WORD and HIS SON WHO is The WORD!

Let us be careful to pray for all those who walk in spiritual deceit that the light of our Beloved LORD JESUS would shine upon the hearts of those sitting in darkness and the shadow of death.

2 thoughts on “Loving GOD means Loving HIS WORD

  1. It is important to know that since GOD The Father and JESUS CHRIST are one if you only love GOD The Father or JESUS CHRIST and not the other you do not love either one , because they are part of each other.

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